About Doors to the Old World

Pat and Emi Kanan have been traveling and photographing the world for over 30 years, concentrating most of their time and efforts on images in Europe. They intensified their efforts in 1997 when they purchased a home in Hungary, which is used as their base while photographing Europe.
Part of the year, Pat and Emi spend photographing Europe while the remainder of the year is used to display their craft all over the U.S.

They are constantly being asked to display their work in galleries worldwide. Pat and Emi each have an eye for composition and are able to bring broad interpretations to the scenes they are photographing. Their passion for travel and photography is evident in their ability to produce award-winning art photographs. They have found creative ways to do the work they love and have developed the kind of enthusiasm that naturally leads to success.

Publications and featured television stories have gained them much recognition. As a result their photographs hang in many homes and professional offices around the country.

In an age where manipulation of imagery has become the rule, Pat and Emi have legitimized the art of photography by handcrafting each photograph from the original transparency. No enhancements, props, computer manipulation, or artificial lighting are used in any of their works of art.

If you would love to travel the charming streets and countrysides of Europe, journey with Pat and Emi through the lens of their cameras. Feel the simplicity of old world charms, long missing from our fast moving world and join them as they capture extraordinary and rare moments in time.